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THUNDERBEAT is the world’s first and only advanced energy system that delivers two well-established forms of energy to a tissue simultaneously:

  • Ultrasonic energy for superior dissection and fast tissue-cutting capability
  • Advanced bipolar energy for fast and secure hemostasis for vessels up to 7 mm in diameter

The combination doubles your energy – and sets new standards in the application of advanced energy in the operating room.

Big Screen Surgery with VISERA 4K UHD Imaging System

Olympus is always trying to achieve laparoscopic visibility that is equivalent to open surgery by providing HD video imaging systems with advanced technologies. With 4K technology, Olympus is now striving to make laparoscopic visibility even better than open surgery by adding features such as Ultra High Definition, Wider Color Gamut, and Magnified Visualization.

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Procedure-Specific Products for General Surgery

Colorectal Surgery

Most surgical procedures for pathologies of the lower gastrointestinal tract, such as colon cancer or inflammatory diseases, can be treated through a surgical minimally invasive laparoscopic approach, conferring a number of benefits such as a superior cosmetic result and reduced pain.

For minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery, both quality imaging and the use of a reliable energy device is necessary for clear visualization of the surgical field during the procedure and for safe vessel sealing and dissection.

The unique THUNDERBEAT hybrid technology enables safe vessel sealing and precise dissection, allowing surgeons the correct identification of the different anatomic planes. These features result in a low risk of complications, including potential damage to nearby organs at the flexures and important nerves.

Olympus imaging systems provide optimal visibility. The new Olympus 3D VISERA ELITE II system with 30° image rotation enables the most natural 3D perception and the most realistic vision, even in the narrow area of deep rectum. With the VISERA ELITE II platform, Olympus offers the combination of the high level 3D Endoeye as well as the Camera Head solution with IR (infrared fluorescence imaging) visualization for easier detection of the perfusion and anastomosis during a colon resection.

With the VISERA UHD 4K system, Olympus is now striving to make laparoscopic visibility even better than open surgery, allowing surgeons an easier determination of tissue boundaries such as fat, nerves, and blood vessels, as well as a better visualization of lesions.

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